Growing Leadership

Are you on the forefront of growing your leadership?

Do your leadership teams have the best resources for strengthening the way that they work together? 

Is your leadership culture positioned well to carry your organisation into a successful future?

Discover leadership as a dynamic process, where the best learning is achieved through exploring, reflecting, noticing, experiencing and experimenting in everyday practice.

Learn how to think differently about leadership, and how to engage in dialogue beneath the surface, where fundamental change happens.

  • Find out how one of our signature concepts, illustrated by a TREE, provides a way of accessing layers beneath the surface, that make a big difference to leadership; identifying deeply rooted, habit-limiting behaviours that can lead to sustainable change on personal, cultural and systemic issues.

  • Enquire into our Qualities of Practice CardsĀ® - an accessible and engaging learning approach that leads to dynamic balance in leadership, where balance is the way in which leaders live their leadership (see Qualities of Practice). Learn how Qualities of Practice offer a versatile resource for leaders and leadership teams.

  • Discover how insightful questions lead to deep Reflection and shifts in Perspective, that guide leaders towards greater self understanding, strengthening their capacity to see reality as it actually is and to lead wisely.

How does learning occur?

We help leaders grow their personal leadership: through 1-to-1 and small group learning (PODS) - deepening self-understanding, shining a light on eclipsed* qualities, discovering the difference between habitual responses and choiceful action.

We work with team leadership: building on collective strengths of teams and establishing new, more inclusive practices.

Not to forget organisational leadership: which means raising awareness of how to build collective and cultural influences that create the conditions for organisational success, through personal and team leadership learning, and through large scale intervention.

*Eclipsed qualities are the parts of yourself that are undervalued by you and by others, frequently diminished by more dominant qualities that culturally carry greater value and typically found in leadership.

Women and Men in Leadership

Find out how we address the gender challenge in leadership at its roots rather than at the surface. Our success is built on a framework of in-depth, small-group learning for women and for men - with learning designs that facilitate inclusivity, where women and men engage in dialogue on tricky leadership issues.

Supporting Practitioners

Shaping Cultures

Re-imagining Leadership