Practitioner Partners


Jude Elliman

Jude has a strong relational and organisational focus. Her executive coaching and OD work, across a variety of sectors over many years, consistently provides a safe foundation to get serious about what really matters. It is a platform for strategy, greater resourcefulness and a touch of humour. She fosters a leadership space where fresh ideas grow, new stories are created, decisions are made and the conditions for future success can emerge.


Alison Sherry

Alison brings internal organisation and external consulting experience to her facilitation, leadership development and coaching work. She has a passion for supporting and developing individuals and teams to be the best that they can. Described by clients as excellent at building connective relationships enabling trust to be gained quickly. She has an ability to both push and pull, to deepen and enhance, leading to better performance.


Lucy Hatchell

Lucy is a highly experienced consultant, an enabler of leaders in a variety of settings and across the worlds many cultures. Described by clients as engaging, warm, curious, insightful, challenging and supportive, she has a sense of fun and deep rigour in her work.

She has facilitated and coached leaders and leadership teams around the world: UK, USA, Middle East, Africa, Asia and Europe.


Jon Townsin

Jon is an experienced business coach and OD specialist who combines psychological insight with an understanding of business.  He works with a whole systems perspective, appreciating the interconnectedness not just of business life but of life in general and helping individuals and teams achieve sustainable goals. He has great insight and a warmly facilitative way of working.


Jon Davidge

For Jon creating better working environments and more successful enterprises are long-term passions that have grown throughout his working life. He came to the leadership development profession after a 25-year business career spent mostly in the publishing and media industries. He served at Board level for more than a decade, running a number of businesses as managing director – in the UK and internationally. 


Kerry Cullen

Kerry is most fulfilled when supporting the stretch into new leadership possibilities. She quickly gets to the heart of an issue and brings clarity to what needs to be done. Based in Ireland, Kerry works in sectors including health, finance, engineering and pharmaceutical.  People experience her as wholehearted, compassionate, curious, and observant.


Jesper Bobjerg

Jesper Bobjerg has extensive experience in working with leaders and organisations, as a leader, consultant and coach. Previously an international leader in the media business for several years, where he gained extensive experience in the most senior positions and of corporate life. With a focus on leadership, strategy, change management and growth he now brings this wealth of knowledge into his consultancy practice.


Alison Vickers

Alison brings her experience in complex international roles to the provision of innovative solutions to leadership challenges.  In her work as a coach and facilitator, she is grounding and inspiring.  She connects with people and challenges them to go beyond what they thought possible, opening up different perspectives that help them make real and sustainable progress.


Dave Robinson

Fuelled by a strongly entrepreneurial nature, Dave is tenacious in seeking successful outcomes.  He is inquisitive with a deep interest in understanding what makes people effective as leaders.  He successfully combines the running of stimulating leadership development programmes, with his business challenges and responsibilities as Chair of the Smaller Earth Group.


Tony Belgrave

Tony is an experienced organisation development consultant with expertise in facilitating individuals & teams through change and growth. His practice is deeply influenced by the principles of Positive Deviance, helping organisations positively challenge norms so that they can be outstanding amongst their competitors.

Much of Tony’s career was spent leading transformation efforts in the pharmaceutical industry, and since 2014 he has been involved in culture transformation initiatives across a range of sectors including Civil Service, NGO, Healthcare, Tertiary Education and Banking.

He prides himself on being able to release energy in his clients, using new ways of working that are highly engaging and embed change.