Supporting Practitioners

Our Professional Practitioner Development (PPD) introduces consultants, coaches and facilitators to the Qualities of Practice concept and facilitation process; coaching practices; working with systems; and core ideas of EB.

Practitioners learn how to use the Qualities of Practice CardsĀ® adding this rich resource to their professional practice in coaching and developing leadership. The cards and the underlying concept, address personal, relational, team and systemic issues like no other approach has addressed them.

Through the training, practitioners are able to use the Qualities of Practice CardsĀ® in their own work and draw on the expertise and experience of the EB Centre community. Our team offer a depth of expertise that is unique to the EB Centre, inspiring practitioners to think differently about their work with their clients.

Many practitioners return to the training for a refresher course and to deepen their coaching and consultancy work.



8th-9th October 2019 (Bristol)
(Plus 1-1 follow-up sessions)

Growing Leadership

Shaping Cultures

Re-imagining Leadership