Client Stories

These pages provide windows into the work of EB with our clients, including the collaborative relationship we develop with our clients, that makes our work together successful. With respect, we protect the identity of our clients unless there is written material that we have jointly worked on. We provide information about the sector, scale and level of seniority that we work at. If you wish to discuss how the work of EB could be useful to your organisation with people who have experienced it, we have a number of clients who would be very happy to share their learning experience with us.

Client stories are multi-faceted, to keep these stories brief and interesting we discuss elements of our work, maintaining a focus that others can usefully learn from.

We have included our publications list in this section, as our writing has been extensively informed by our client work, often including case studies to illustrate how concepts have worked.

Growing Inclusive Leadership

Coaching for Balance in Leadership

Strengthening a Team